SC 6.3 Tools and approaches to assess disaster reduction strategies

 Wednesday 11 May, 08.45 – 10.30, Diamond Room II

Chair Sally Brown, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Rapporteur Annika Trignol, HZ University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Real options analysis in climate change adaptation decisions under uncertainty
Myungjin Kim, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Flood-risk awareness as a first step to a self-reliant community during evacuation
Teun Terpstra, HKV Consultants, the Netherlands

Climatic change adaption amidst other environmental hazards
Anne Nandawula, Rural-Urban Environmental Agency (RUEA), Uganda

Adapting social protection systems for disaster risk reduction
Zoe Scott, Oxford Policy Management, United Kingdom

Tools for loss and damage decision making
Swenja Surminski, London School of Economics, United Kingdom