Theme 6 Disaster risk reduction

SC 6.1

Measuring and enhancing resilience
Tuesday, 13.30-15.15, Diamond Room II

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SC 6.2

Floods: recent experience and long-term planning
Tuesday, 15.45-17.30, Diamond Room II

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SC 6.3

Tools and  approaches to assess disaster reduction strategies
Wednesday, 08.45-10.30, Diamond Room II

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SC 6.4

Planning for climate change
Thursday, 13.45-15.30, Diamond Room I

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SC 6.5

Disaster risk preparedness
Wednesday, 13.30-15.15, Rotterdam Hall

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SC 6.6

Linking climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and loss & damage: lessons toward resilient Asia-Pacific region
Thursday, 13.45-15.30, Tokyo Room

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SC 6.7

Megacity transitions: towards justice with resilience
Wednesday, 15.45-17.30, Antwerp Room

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SP 6.1

Enhancing adaptation to changing extremes: showcasing standard operating procedures for forecast-based action from three continents
Tuesday, 13.30-15.15, Penn Room I

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SP 6.2

Climate risk management: adapting to climate change and reducing disaster risks through integrated risk transfer solutions
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, Penn Room II

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SP 6.3

How to promote adaptation towards resilient flood risk governance in Europe? Key recommendations from STAR-FLOOD in a practitioners’ perspective
Tuesday, 13.30-15.15, Penn Room II

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SP 6.4

How to integrate Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction policy and practice at different governance scales
Wednesday, 08.45-10.30, Tokyo Room

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SP 6.5

Increasing resilience through Building with Nature along tropical coasts
Thursday, 13.45-15.30, Antwerp Room

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