SC 5.4 Building the knowledge base for ecosystem based adaptation

 Thursday 12 May, 08.45 – 10.30, Zaal Staal

Chair Pam Berry, Oxford University, United Kingdom
Rapporteur Emilie Buist, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Better Wetter: linking spatial adaptation to regional transitions
Ivan Mettrop, Altenburg & Wymenga ecological consultants, the Netherlands

Selecting climate resilient tree species for forest restoration in the Himalayan region of Nepal
Keshav Prasad Khanal, WWF Nepal Program, Nepal

A theoretical research review of forest law and customs in Bangladesh as local adaptation practices
Shaila Shahid, Gender and Water Programme, Gender and Water Alliance, Bangladesh

Building adaptation among fringe communities along the Atiwa Forest in an era of climate change
Timothy Apeanti, University of Ghana, Ghana

Ecosystem-based adaptation assessment, implementation and policy: lessons from multi-country projects
Camila Donatti, Conservation International, Arlington, USA