SP 4.3 More heat, more disease, and less water: financing solutions to reduce the health risks of climate change

 Tuesday 10 May, 15.45 – 17.30,Rotterdam Hall

Increasing international attention and demand for addressing climate change impacts on health have resulted in new investor interest in the field. Aid agencies and private foundations are searching for new approaches to leverage finance to address the health impacts of climate change. This session will explore these new forms of finance (and partnerships), assess the current set of economic/financial tools, and identify needs for new tools – both at global and country level, using the above case studies for framing. The session is particularly important because little work has been done – or publicly discussed, at the climate health-economic-finance interface. This session aims to raise the level of dialogue around this important component and generate new information that can be used by donor and recipient communities alike.

Organised by Timothy Bouley, The World Bank
Partners World Meteorological Organization
Chair Timothy Bouley, The World Bank
Rapporteur Nathan Engle, The World Bank

A public sector approach to financing climate and health
Tegan Blaine, USAID, USA

 Before finance: international approaches to climate and health
Joy Guillemot, World Health Organization (WHO) / World Meteorological Organization  (WMO)

 A private sector approach to financing climate and health
Surabi Menon, Climate Works