SC 4.4 Climate risks for infectious diseases

 Thursday 12 May, 08.45 – 10.30, New Orleans Room

Chair Kristie Ebi, University of Washington, USA
Rapporteur Valerie Eijrond, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands

Multiple stressors: household vulnerability to schistosomiasis and climate change in rural Gwanda
Alexio Mbereko, University of South Africa, South Africa

Climate change effect on malaria treatment cost among farmers’ households in Bole district, Ghana
Komlagan Yao, WASCAL, Togo

A global analysis of the climate sensitive disease: systematic review
Tatiane Sousa, National School of Public Health, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation/FIOCRUZ, Brazil

Understanding health in the face of global change: towards a vulnerability framework
Sarah Dickin, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Sweden