Theme 4 Public health

SC 4.1

Limits to human health system adaptation
Thursday, 13.45-15.30, Leeuwen Room I

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SC 4.2

Adapting to heat in OECD countries
Tuesday, 15.45-17.30, Leeuwen I

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SC 4.3

Adapting to heat in South Asia
Wednesday, 15.45-17.30, Leeuwen Room I

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SC 4.4

Climate risks for infectious diseases
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, New Orleans Room

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SC 4.5

Impacts on health in a changing environment
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, Leeuwen Room I

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SP 4.1

Early warning systems in public health
Wednesday, 08.45-10.30, Leeuwen Room I

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SP 4.2

Vulnerability and adaptation analysis as a tool for
climate change adaptation planning in the health
sector at national and local level
Wednesday, 13.30-15.15, Leeuwen Room I

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SP 4.3

More heat, more disease, and less water: financing solutions to reduce the health risks of climate change
Tuesday,  15.45-17.30,Rotterdam Hall

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