PR 1.6 Urban design and flood management in resilient cities Nijmegen and Mumbai

 Thursday 12 May, 13.45 – 15.30, Penn Room I

To gain success in complex urban design where flood management is an issue, a change of perspective and an integral design attitude is needed. To make adaptation strategies successful, cooperation between designers and engineers needs to be close. Also cultural aspects should be taken into account. In this session we want to learn from flood resilient cities Nijmegen and Mumbai to turn threats into opportunities. These two case studies cover an international comparison between living with water in a Western European city and in an Asian metropole, taking social and economic benefits into account as well.

Organised by Mariska van der Deen, Rijkswaterstaat, Room for the River, the Netherlands
Partners City of Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Rockefeller Foundation, USA
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Chair Mathieu Schouten, Municipality of Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Rapporteur Eline de Bruin, NP Bridging, Belgium

Room for the Waal, City of Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Mathieu Schouten, Municipality of Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Masterplan Mumbai, India
Sanjeev Jaiswal, Thane Commissioner, India

Commentator Masterplan Thane
Gul Kripalani, Thane Commissioner, India