SC 9.8 New governance challenges for climate adaptation: comparative perspectives on inclusive policy tools for multi-scalar risk management

Thursday 12 May, 08.45 – 10.30, Rotterdam Hall

Recent climate change adaptation efforts increasingly recognise the multi-scalar nature of climate risks and responses. Drawing on case studies from North America, Latin America, and Asia, this focused science session examines new knowledge on the inclusiveness, equity, and justice dimensions of these emerging risk management techniques and strategies. This session primarily draws on insights from the water sector – which include floods, droughts, and coastal zone management – and theorises new instruments for inclusive development that address climate risks across multiple levels of governance, integrating urban, rural, as well as national level adaptation options.

Organised by Joyeeta Gupta, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Partners University of Regina, Canada
European Association of Development Institutes, Germany
Chair Joyeeta Gupta, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Rapporteur Eric Chu, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Adaptive governance: redesigning policy instruments using the Adaptive Capacity Wheel in Canada, Chile and Argentina
Margot Hurlbert, University of Regina, Canada

Governing coastal disaster risk reduction in Indonesia and India: comparative perspectives of engineered infrastructure and nature-based solutions
Annisa Triyanti, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands / Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Urban climate adaptation, infrastructure planning, and socio-spatial (in)justice in the global south
Eric Chu, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands