SC 9.2 Power and agency issues in climate adaptation

Wednesday 11 May, 13.30 – 15.15, Oscar Auditorium

Chair Peter Driessen, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Rapporteur Monique Slegers, Radboud University, the Netherlands

A practitioner-based framework of power relations for enabling successful adaptation projects
Stephen Woroniecki, Lund University, Sweden

Who, how and why ‘must’ participate in building resilience to disasters in a changing climate
Paulina Aldunce, University of Chile, Chile

Asking the right questions: developing a gender integration guide for local adaptation practice
Melanie Boeckmann, University of Bremen, Germany

Orchestrating adaptation, mitigation and transformation
Katharina Hölscher, Drift, the Netherlands

Role of power in climate change adaptation: explaining the shaping and adoption of CCA approaches in South Asia
Sumit Vij, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands