PR 9.8 Territorial development and adaptation to climate change

Tuesday 10 May, 15.45 – 17.30, Goudriaan Room I

Since the Lisbon Treaty and the Europe 2020 strategy, there has been much attention for territorial cohesion within the European Union. Through territorial cohesion the European Union wishes to promote a polycentric territorial integration of places where people live. Adaptation to climate change is a vital challenge in EU territorial development. During this round table, Directors-General of various EU member states and the European Commission will exchange experiences and best practices in the preparation and implementation of their climate adaptation strategies, and explore whether the inclusion of adaptation strategies in the work on the Territorial Agenda could be of added value.

Organised by Milou van Mourik, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands
Chair Paul McAleavey, European Environment Agency (EEA), Denmark
Rapporteur Milou van Mourik, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands
Presentation Stefan Greiving, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany

Jiří Buriánek, Secretary-General of the Committee of the Regions
Peter Heij, Director General for Spatial Development and Water Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands
Tibor Németh, Director General of Construction Section, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Slovakia
Frank Vansteenkiste, Director Genenral for Territorial Cohesion, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Luxembourg
Denise Fiorentino, Director General Strategy & Implementation, Ministry for European Affairs and Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto, Malta
Birgit Breitfuß-Renner, deputy Director-General for Spatial Development and Territorial Cohesion, Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany
Peter Cabus, Flemish Secretary-General for Spatial Planning, Belgium
Ákos Lukacs, Head of Department for Climate Policy, Ministry of National Development, Hungary
Katrine Rafn, Head of the Climate Adaptation Department, Ministry of Environment and Food, Denmark
Beatriz Yordi Aguirre, Head of Unit responsible for Adaptation, DG CLIMA