PR 9.6 Standards for adaptation of infrastructures to climate change

Thursday 12 May, 08.45 – 10.30, Van Walsum Room

The session covers the role of technical standards in making infrastructures resilient to climate change. As technical standards (ISO (worldwide), EN (European) and national standards) are used in every phase during the lifetime cycle of an infrastructure, these are a key issue in the EC strategy on climate change adaptation. In this interactive session we will show two practical examples of how existing standards can support climate change adaptation. After this, we will highlight which climate effects are likely to be relevant
for infrastructures in the building, energy and transport sector, and which corresponding standards appear to be most relevant.

Organised by Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), the Netherlands
Partners CEN/ CENELEC (European umbrella-organisation for standardization)
Chair Ab de Buck, NEN, consultants standards and sustainability, the Netherlands
Rapporteur Caroline van Hoek, Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), the Netherlands

Examples of adapting buildings to climate change: the role of standardisation
Annet van der Horn, consultant standards in the building sector, the Netherlands

Adapting infrastructures in the energy, building and transport sector to climate change Potential gaps between existing standards and future weather effects Interactive session