PR 9.3 The best of both worlds: debating technical and participatory approaches for urban resilience

Wednesday 11 May, 15.45 – 17.30, Diamond Room I

City governments often choose for investment in infrastructure to reduce disaster risk and strengthen resilience to climate change. Cordaid observes that while these solutions may be appropriate from a technical perspective their contribution to resilience of urban communities is often limited due to lack of real participation. The objective of this session is to gain more understanding of the benefits of participatory approaches in Urban resilience and integrating technical solutions. After presentations of case studies in both Indonesia and the Philippines participants will be invited to take a stand and join the debate via an interactive Lower House setting.

Organised by Inge Bouwmans and Inge Leuverink, Cordaid, the Netherlands
Partners City government of Guiuan, Phillipines
KARINA, Caritas Indonesia, Indonesia
SWECO Netherlands
Chair Inge Bouwmans, Cordaid, the Netherlands

Harma Rademaker, Cordaid, the Netherlands


A resilience framework for empowering communities and integrating technical solutions
Inge Leuverink, Cordaid, the Netherlands

Government perspective on cooperation between government, private sector and communities for resilience in Guiuan, Phillipines
Recti Melquiades, City Government Guiuan, Philippines

Challenges in engaging stakeholders in urban resilience in informal settlements in Jakarta
Yohan Rahmat Santosa, Karina, Caritas Indonesia, Indonesia

Engineering solutions towards Urban Resilience in Vietnam and Indonesia
Martijn Steenstra, SWECO, the Netherlands