Issue 9 Institutions and governance

SC 9.1

Water and climate adaptation governance
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, Rotterdam Hall

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SC 9.2

Power and agency issues in climate adaptation
Wednesday, 13.30-15.15, Oscar Auditorium

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SC 9.3

Science and policy interfaces for adaptation
Wednesday, 15.45-17.30, Zaal Staal

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SC 9.4

Governance challenges of climate adaptation
Wednesday, 08.45-10.30, Oscar Auditorium

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SC 9.5

Implementation challenges of climate adaptation
Tuesday, 13.30-15.15, Oscar Auditorium

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SC 9.6

Climate adaptation goes global
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Tokyo Room

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SC 9.7

The policy-economic aspects of adaptation responses
Tuesday, 15.45-17.30, Oscar Auditorium

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SC 9.8

New governance challenges for climate adaptation: comparative perspectives on inclusive policy tools for multi-scalar risk management
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Rotterdam Hall

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SC 9.9

Exploring spatial planning as a means to deal with flood risks: comparing experiences in the face of institutional differences between the US and the Netherlands
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Oscar Auditorium

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SC 9.10

Incorporating uncertain scientific evidence into real-world adaptation decision making: what are the missing links?
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, Oscar Auditorium

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SC 9.11

Institutional economics of adaptation
Thursday, 13.45-15.30, Oscar Auditorium

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SC 9.12

Local governance of adaptation in urbanising cities
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Diamond Room II

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SC 9.13

Adapting scientific methodologies - how to compare and evaluate case studies as well as integrate and upscale data and information?
Thursday, 13.45-15.30, Diamond Room II

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PR 9.1

Water governance in peri-urban South Asia: impact of urbanisation and climate change
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Leeuwen Room I

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PR 9.2

Direct access to adaptation funding: five years of experience by pioneering organisations
Tuesday, 13.30-15.15, Diamond Room I

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PR 9.3

The best of both worlds: debating technical and participatory approaches for urban resilience
Wednesday, 15.45-17.30, Diamond Room I

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PR 9.4

The NAP process: opportunities and challenges for climate resilient development
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, Diamond Room II

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PR 9.5

Pathways to resiliency: a co-creation workshop with experts from Rotterdam and New York City
Wednesday, 15.45-17.30, Penn Room II

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PR 9.6

Standards for adaptation of infrastructures to climate change
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Van Walsum Room

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PR 9.7

Synergies between adaptation and mitigation: integration of resilience in LEDS in Latin America
Thursday, 13.45-15.30, Penn Room II

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PR 9.8

Territorial development and adaptation to climate change
Tuesday, 15.45-17.30, Goudriaan Room I

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PR 9.9 What does a day of a student look like in Rotterdam in 2030
Thursday, 13.45 – 15.30, Rotterdam Hall
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SP 9.1

Resilient risk governance systems: enhancing integration and adaptive capacity across scales
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, Penn Room I

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SP 9.2

Building flood resilience: an innovative partnership integrating science and practice
Wednesday, 08.45-10.30, Zaal Staal

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SP 9.3

Towards more informed climate adaptation: considerations of ethics in stakeholder participation and decision-making
Tuesday, 15.45-17.30, Penn  Room II

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SP 9.4

Connections and disconnections between national and local agendas and aspirations for climate adaptation and development
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Penn Room I

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SP 9.5

Implementing OECD Principles on Water Governance: building trust and engagement for climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Penn Room II

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SP 9.6

Local climate change adaptation: barriers and enablers for mainstreaming and implementation
Tuesday, 15.45-17.30, Diamond Room I

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SP 9.7

Indigenous climate change adaptation and transformations: adapting to future challenges by learning from the past
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, New Orleans Room

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