SP 8.2 Goals, targets and metrics: new ideas for tracking adaptation success in cities, forests, water, finance, and national planning

Wednesday 11 May, 15.45 – 17.30, Beurs Lounge

In this panel session, participants working in a variety of sectoral and cross-sectoral contexts will share perspectives on defining and tracking adaptation success. We aim to identify practical options to defining success and tracking progress, given climate uncertainty, long time horizons, and growing interest in transformational change. In order to identify tangible solutions for use by practitioners and policy-makers at national level or across scales (national-to-local), the session seeks to avoid focusing on broad conceptual frameworks, aggregate global indices, or narrow project-specific approaches. Instead we will look across sectors and adaptation planning contexts to find shared themes and promising methods for setting adaptation goals and tracking progress toward them.

Organised by Heather M. Mcgray, World Resources Institute (WRI), USA
Partners World Resources Institute, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, USA
Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility, UN Capital Development Fund, multiple least developed countries
Chair Heather Mcgray, World Resources Institute (WRI), USA
Rapporteur Ayesha Dinshaw, World Resources Institute (WRI), India

Channel adaptation finance on budget to local governments
Fakri Karim, Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility, United Nations Capital

Development Fund (UNCDF), multiple countries Socio-economic indicators for building resilience in Rio de Janeiro
Pedro Junqueira, Rio de Janeiro Center of Operations, Brazil

Adaptation targets in Mexico’s national climate plan Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)
Margarita Caso, National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change, Mexico