SC 8.5 Stakeholder needs and adaptation

Tuesday 10 May, 15.45 – 17.30, Beurs Lounge

Chair Saskia Werners, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands
Rapporteur Jos Baars, the Netherlands

Multi-level perspective for adaptation in Cascais
Filipe Alves, CCIAM-FCUL/UL, Portugal

Measuring adaptive capacity among local organisations: a case study in South Africa
Marie-Ange Baudoin, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Learning from stakeholder needs and enabling adaptive capacity: a synthesis from the US West
Lisa Dilling, University of Colorado, USA

Decision maker preferences for adaptation actions and funding: case studies in Brazil, USA and United Kingdom
Catherine Reynolds, University of South Florida, USA

Are we adapting to climate change? The case of Chile, barriers and enablers
Paulina Aldunce, University of Chile, Chile