SC 8.10 Adaptation in coastal systems

Tuesday 10 May, 15.45 – 17.30, Mees Auditorium

Chair Felix Olorunfemi, Institute of Social and Economic Research, Nigeria
Rapporteur Annika Trignol, HZ University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

Designing adaptation to sea-level rise: where to protect and where to retreat?
Daniel Lincke, Global Climate Forum, Germany

An integrated framework to analyse vulnerability and adaptive capacity to sea level rise in Brazil
Luci Nunes, University of Campinas, Brazil

Storm surge inundation risk analysis for coastal electricity generation facilities
Benjamin Preston, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Spatially-explicit coastal flood impact scenarios for sea-level rise adaptation
Jackie Z.K. Yip, University of British Columbia, Canada

Timing of adaptation to high end sea level rise: when to start?
Sally Brown, University of Southampton, United Kingdom