PR 8.5 Advancing city adaptation monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Wednesday 11 May, 13.30 – 15.15, Beurs Lounge

As cities increasingly develop and implement adaptation plans, they face barriers in understanding whether their actions are effective in reducing their risk or vulnerability: adaptation monitoring and evaluation is challenging. This session will explore the efforts of cities and their partners to advance knowledge and practice in city adaptation monitoring and evaluation. Through city case-studies, and a guided discussion we will draw on presenter and participant knowledge to identify the best action that can be taken by practitioners, researchers and city partners to improve monitoring and evaluation of adaptation on a city scale.

Organised by Alfredo Redondo, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, Brazil
Partners ARUP, United Kingdom
ICLEI Global Secretariat
Chair Alfredo Redondo, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, Brazil
Rapporteur Mandy Ikert, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, USA

Climate risk assessment framework and taxonomy: development and early results
Alfredo Redondo, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, Brazil

The Rotterdam Adaptation Monitor
Chantal Oudkerk-Pool, Rotterdam City, the Netherlands

Monitoring health impacts of adaptation
Luciana Nery, City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Decreasing Heat Impacts by 4 Degrees
Vicki Barmby, Melbourne City Government, Australia

Climate risk and adaptation framework and taxonomy
Amy Leitch, ARUP, United Kingdom

Compact of Mayors and reporting
Laura Kavanaugh, ICLEI