PR 10.4 Making climate finance accessible to women

Wednesday 11 May, 13.30 – 15.15, Penn Room II

The Green Climate Fund aims to help countries adopt transformational pathways to low carbon, climate resilient development. The Fund is committed to a gender-sensitive approach to ensure climate finance addresses rather than reinforces gender inequalities, thus potentially setting an inspirational example to other financing mechanisms. This session provides concrete suggestions based on cases from Indonesia, the Philippines and India to put this commitment into practice and assure financing reaches and empowers women to contribute to adaptation efforts. In break-out groups practitioners and policy makers are invited to share their vision on their role in advancing the transformative power of climate finance.

Organised by Annelieke Douma, Both ENDS, the Netherlands
Zohra Moosa, Mama Cash, the Netherlands
Claudia Samcam, Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM), Nicaragua
Partner Samdhana Institute, Indonesia
Chair Cindy Coltman, Both ENDS, the Netherlands
Rapporteur Annelieke Douma, Both ENDS, the Netherlands

Empowering women to take a lead in adaptation through small grants
Neni Rochaeni, Samdhana Institute, Indonesia & Philippines

A concrete proposal for devolution of climate finance to the local level in India
Anju Sharma, Oxford Climate Policy, United Kingdom

Screening investments in the Green Climate Fund on gender-sensitivity
Jacob Waslander, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands