PR 10.3 Insights from inclusive insurance and applications for climate change adaptation: examples from public private partnerships and participatory index insurance design

Wednesday 11 May, 13.30 – 15.15, Antwerp Room

Insurance is an important tool to manage climate change risks. This industry is at an early stage in implementing insurance, yet some approaches can be highlighted as examples. This session will present lessons on how insurance can facilitate climate change adaptation among low-income populations, highlighting the importance of public-private partnerships, especially with governments to operationalise insurance programmes. Challenges in the implementation of index insurance as a risk management tool, especially through the use of satellite-derived weather information will be featured: technology, contract design, trust and distribution, and how participatory insurance product design will be combined with climate change adaptation awareness.

Organised by Pranav Prashad, Miguel Solana, Social Finance Unit - Impact Insurance, International Labour Organization, Switzerland
Partner Microinsurance Network, Luxembourg
Chair Pranav Prashad, ILO Impact Insurance Facility, Switzerland
Rapporteur Jenny Nasr, Microinsurance Network, Luxembourg

Public Private Partnerships for catastrophic insurance for low income people: examples from Mexico (CADENA) and Peru (Seguro Agrícola Catatrófico)
Miguel Solana, ILO Impact Insurance Facility, Switzerland

New experiences in data collection, aggregation and analysis in the context of index insurance for climate change adaptation; global experiences
Philippe Guichandut, Grameen Crédit Agricole Microfinance Foundation

Bundling insurance with other services for building resilience and Impact on insurance value chains
Mansi Anand, Oxfam America