Issue 10 Finance, investment and business 

SC 10.1

Finance for adaptation
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Antwerp Room

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SC 10.2

Sectoral perspectives on climate finance, investment and business
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, Antwerp Room

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SC 10.3

Options and opportunities for the loss and damage mechanism: understanding the roles of risk management, finance and climate justice
Tuesday, 13.30-15.15, Leeuwen Room I

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PR 10.1

Climate change adaptation and SMEs - case studies from several parts of the world and different sectors
Wednesday, 15.45-17.30, Penn Room I

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PR 10.2

The emerging role of accountants in enabling organisational adaptation and resilience to a changing climate
Wednesday, 15.45-17.30, New Orleans Room

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PR 10.3

Insights from inclusive insurance and applications for climate change adaptation: examples from public private partnerships and participatory index insurance design
Wednesday, 13.30-15.15, Antwerp Room

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PR 10.4

Making climate finance accessible to women
Wednesday, 13.30-15.15, Penn Room II

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PR 10.5

Bridging the gap: initiatives for better access to climate finance in Latin America
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, Van Walsum Room

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PR 10.6

Adaptation finance for private sector
Wednesday, 13.30-15.45, Diamond Room II

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PR 10.7

Bankable investment in climate adaptation
Wednesday, 13.30-15.15, Mees Auditorium

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SP 10.1

Unlocking the potential of pastoralism: opportunities for adaptation and development in Africa’s drylands
Thursday, 13.45-15.30, Van Walsum Room

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SP 10.2

Liquid assets and adaptation futures
Tuesday, 15.45-17.30, Antwerp Room

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SP 10.3

Adaptive value chains: addressing the challenges of cross-sectoral adaptation
Wednesday, 13.30-15.15, Penn Room I

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SP 10.4

Adaptation as an innovation and market opportunity
Wednesday, 15.45-17.30, Diamond Room II

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