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Round Tables


1.The science of adaptation practices and solutions: new challenges for assessment and communication
2.Nature based-solutions in cities
3.Business for adaptation: challenges & opportunities
4.Joining forces: tackling adaptation, alleviate poverty and inequalities
5.Adaptation finance
6.National Adaptation Planning: linking across scales
7.Adaptation Forum: adaptation  under the UNFCCC after the Paris Agreement

RT 1 The science of adaptation practices and solutions: new challenges for assessment and communication
This roundtable session will engage the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in a lively moderated discussion as it takes its first steps towards preparing its Sixth Assessment Report and a number of Special Reports. Adaptation to climate change is expected to feature prominently in the next IPCC reports, but how could scientific research on adaptation best be assessed and communicated to meet the expectations of a very diverse but solution-oriented audience?

Session Round Table 1


RT 1

The science of adaptation practices and solutions: new challenges for assessment and communication
Thursday, 11.00-12.45, Town Hall

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RT 2 Nature based-solutions in cities
More and more cities are using nature-based solutions as part of urban planning. This session explores good examples and lessons learned. Key questions include: what are the mid/long term benefits motivating cities to promote and implement nature based solutions? What concrete examples can be found of effective ways by which cities can quantify the costs and benefits of nature-based solutions and green infrastructure as compared to standard solutions (i.e. grey infrastructure)? How can research and innovation stimulate practice and decision making in cooperation with cities to foster transformation toward sustainability? What are the key priorities?

Session Round Table 2


Nature based-solutions in cities 
Tuesday, 15.45-17.30, Town Hall

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RT 3 Business for adaptation: challenges & opportunities
Why is climate adaptation interesting for businesses? How can the private sector get involved? What are the challenges and opportunities for the corporate sector? This Round Table addresses these questions. In the first hour, executives from leading companies will explore issues such as adaptation in supply chains, business access to climate finance, business access to climate risk management tools and linkages between private and public sector actors. The mix of panellists from various sectors will allow for the sharing of interesting practices and solutions. The Round Table will close with an open floor session, feel free to join and participate.

Session Round Table 3


Business for Adaptation: challenges & opportunities 
Wednesday 09.00-10.30, Town Hall

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RT 4 Joining forces: tackling adaptation, alleviate poverty and inequalities
The effects of climate change are increasing and unevenly distributed, hitting poor countries and people disproportionally. Following Paris, billions of dollars will be invested every year in adaptation. From a moral and humanitarian point of view one of the major challenges is investing in adaptation and development while reducing poverty and in-equity. There also proves to be a clear cost of inaction in this respect, urging governmental attention. Which approaches do we need and how can different actors join forces? That is the debate in this roundtable, enriched with reflections from the World Bank, Bhutan, Ethiopia, OECD and the EU.

Session Round Table 4


RT 4

Joining forces: tackling adaptation, alleviate poverty and inequalities 
Wednesday 13.30-15.15, Town Hall

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RT 5 Adaptation finance
Adapting to climate change is a huge challenge. Current funding levels fall short of what is needed. The new Paris climate agreement, emphasises the need for both public and private finance for adaptation. Despite new finance commitments, a paradigm shift is required to reach the scale needed. Scaling up finance for adaptation is a priority for the most vulnerable regions. This roundtable event will discuss the current state of finance for adaptation, and explore some of the possible pathways for post-Paris climate finance. Towards the end of the session, selected questions from the audience will be posed to the speakers.

Session Round Table 5


The road from Paris: closing the adaptation finance gap in vulnerable developing countries 
Wednesday, 15.45-17.30, Town Hall

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RT 6 National Adaptation Planning: linking across scales
National adaptation planning can strengthen local adaptation responses and local actions can in turn inform national adaptation planning. This round table session will explore in what ways, and feature ongoing initiatives and experiences, and it will feature ongoing initiatives and experiences at the national, sectoral,and local levels that involve mainstreaming climate risk in planning and budgeting. Both good practice and examples of maladaptive practices will be discussed. Participants and audience members will discuss:

  • Entry points in national and local plans and budgets for mainstreaming climate risk
  • Prioritisation of adaptation actions
  • Institutional challenges in coordinating between national, sectoral and local levels
  • Transboundary issues, shift of risks
  • Learning from each other and from mistakes

Speakers will include policymakers, practitioners and researchers from both developed and developing countries.

Session Round Table 6


National Adaptation Planning: linking across scales
Thursday, 08.45-10.30, Town Hall

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RT 7 Adaptation Forum
The Adaptation Forum is organised by the Adaptation Committee, the overall advisory body on adaptation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to reach out to stakeholders and gather new insights, knowledge and experiences on adaptation action and support. The goal of this Adaptation Forum is two-fold:

  1. To inform conference participants of the adaptation aspects of the Paris Agreement; and
  2. To receive input from participants on tasks under the Paris Agreement where the Adaptation Committee has a clear role

Input received from participants will help in shaping the future adaptation regime under the UNFCCC and inform Parties’ planning, implementing and evaluating of adaptation actions and support.

Session Round Table 7


Adaptation Forum: adaptation  under the UNFCCC after the Paris Agreement
Thursday, 13.45-15.30, Town Hall

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