Socials: Receptions and conference dinner

Monday 9 May

17.00-19.00  Welcome reception and start registration

Tuesday 10 May

17.30-19.00  Poster session and reception at the Adaptation Expo

Wednesday 11 May

17.30-19.00 Poster session and reception at the Adaptation Expo
19.00-22.00 Optional: Conference dinner and boat trip Rotterdam by night

Conference dinner and boat trip: Rotterdam by night

The conference dinner will be held on the historic paddle steamer De Majesteit.
Once aboard you will experience the bygone days, when steamboating was only affordable by the upper class.

The evening includes:

  • transportation to/from the conference venue - boat
  • dinner, buffetstyle and drinks


€ 65 per person, to be booked >> via the conference registration

Thursday 12 May

IABR architecture biennale reception

The IABR is an architecture biennale that conducts ongoing research into the future of the city. IABR–2016 is not just an exhibition, but also a workshop. For ten weeks, in the heart of the exhibition, the WHAT’S NEXT? programme will unfold: discussions and debates, lectures, workshops, and conferences. An open space, offering room for reflection, exploration, and imagination.

Adaptation Futures and IABR are working together in organising a reception for participants of AF2016. 

Drinks and small bites will be served and you will have access to the exhibition floor.

Time  18.30-21.00 

Please register for the IABR reception at the registration desk during the breaks.