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Adaptation Expo Exhibitors

The Adaptation Expo will be held in the Exchange, Mercurius and Shipping Hall of the World Trade Centre, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Arcadis the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services we work in partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their natural and built assets. We are 28,000 people active in over 70 countries. We support UN-Habitat with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world. 
Let’s make the connection for new ideas. Tomorrow’s water challenges call for a transition with an innovative and integrated approach.
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City of Rotterdam, Water Authorities of Delfland, Hollandse Delta, Schieland & de Krimpenerwaard
The water authorities of Delfland, Hollandse Delta, Schieland & de Krimpenerwaard and the City of Rotterdam have invested in a strategy based on innovative approaches and concrete solutions throughout the city and the region. Water safety and climate resilience combine nicely with a better, more liveable city for residents and benefits for cities around the world and local businesses. These activities attract delegations from around the globe, which we are happy and proud to host. At the same time, we are keen to learn from our global peers and their takes on climate adaptation, in any aspect imaginable.
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CDKN: Climate and Development Knowledge Network
BRACED: Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters
CDKN works with partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to design and deliver climate compatible development. Pick up our ‘What’s in the IPCC AR5 for developing countries’ reports and Inside Stories on subnational adaptation successes, and to learn about our sister programme: Future Climate for Africa. BRACED is enhancing resilience to climate extremes in Africa and Asia, and the team will be on hand to discuss all things resilience. Pick up literature on building climate resilience, including approaches for measuring resilience and integrating gender equality into your programming.
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Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. Throughout the world, we work on smart solutions, innovations and applications for people, environment and society. Our main focus is on deltas, coastal regions and river basins. We have the latest knowledge on climate adaptation and support public and private bodies, and society as a whole, to help manage risks and build resilience.
In our booth you can meet the experts and they will explain the tools and methods they use to put science into practice.
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Dutch Water Authorities will be present at the Adaptation Expo. In our stand you can find information on flood prevention, water & environment issues, and information about the contribution of water authorities on the circular economy. We will organise a few discussions with executives and professionals on these themes in our stand. More information about three organisations in which the water authorities are organised you can find below:
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We are proud to announce a new journal, Climate Services. Climate Services brings science and practice together. It serves as a means of communication, dialogue and exchange forum between researchers and stakeholders. The journal Climate Services is at the interface between climate research and application, specifically related to climate services. Climate Services address all sectors affected by climate, at global, regional and local scale. They connect natural and socio-economic research with practice.
Drop by our booth to find out more about the journal.
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Swing by our booth and find out about the results of ENHANCE, a 4-year EU-funded project that has been developing new risk scenarios and multi-sector partnerships, with emphasis on the financial sector, to enhance society’s resilience to disasters. The hazards examined concern floods, droughts, forest fires, heat waves, storm surges and volcanic eruptions.
Seize the occasion to also learn about a recently launched project IMPREX - IMproving PRedictions and management of hydrological EXtremes.
>> ENHANCE: results and policy recommendations
>> IMPREX: learn from today to anticipate tomorrow

European Commission
Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the European Commission's investment programmes for climate adaptation such as:

  • Global Climate Change Alliance plus (GCCA+)
  • LIFE Programme
  • Horizon 2020 including Climate Services and Nature-based Solutions (NBS)
  • Mayors Adapt
  • Copernicus Climate Change Service

Our experts at the booth will communicate our policies, practices, our investment actions and our open funding opportunities.
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Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture
An alliance of partners created to stimulate accelerated scaling up of Climate-Smart Agriculture and thereby facilitating concrete food security and agriculture initiatives by tapping the wealth and diversity of resources, knowledge, information and expertise from its members. The vision of the Alliance is to improve people's food security and nutrition in the face of climate change. Its mission is to help governments, farmers, scientists, businesses, and civil society, as well as regional unions and international organizations, to adjust agricultural, forestry and fisheries practices, food systems and social policies.
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website Government of the Netherlands

Government of the Netherlands
Centuries of battling with the sea have transformed the Netherlands into the world’s safest delta country. In the Netherlands' stand you will find information on how we work nationally and internationally to help ensure an inclusive, safe and sustainable future, including through: 

  • The Delta Programme
  • The Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal
  • Partners for Resilience initiative
  • The 13 field trips on Friday 13 May 

Also you can find more information on other events during the Netherlands’ EU Presidency.
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JPI Climate / JPI Urban Europe 
JPI Climate is an intergovernmental initiative gathering European countries to coordinate jointly their climate research and fund new transnational research initiatives. JPI Climate connects scientific disciplines, enables cross-border research and increases the science-practice interaction.
JPI Urban Europe is an intergovernmental initiative gathering European countries to join their research and innovation programmes on urban transition. The ambition is to develop and validate new solutions for sustainable and liveable cities. A cooperation platform and programme is provided to connect urban stakeholders, scientists, cities, business and society.  
Please stop by our booth to learn more about these initiatives and our funding opportunities.
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The Food & Business Knowledge Platform seeks to facilitate a better understanding of how food systems work and how they can be strengthened. The Platform aims to nourish practices and policies with local and global solutions and business opportunities for sustainable food and nutrition security. We identify knowledge issues that are relevant now and in the future. We create partnerships, initiate joint learning, invest in research and disseminate best practices and existing knowledge. The platform is an open and independent initiative where representatives from international networks and organizations of business, science, civil society, and policy come together.
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The Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (integrating Mayors Adapt)
The new Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (integrating the Mayors Adapt initiative) brings together local and regional authorities voluntarily committed to adopting and implementing an integrated approach to tackling adaptation and mitigation to climate change on their territory. New signatories commit to develop local adaptation strategies and/or plans and to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030. By joining the new Covenant initiative, local and regional authorities benefit from: public recognition and visibility of their leadership and actions; wide-ranging support and knowledge sharing; increased financial opportunities; engagement of various stakeholders; etc.
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Netherlands Space Office / Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW), A global challenge: Feeding the future
The food producers of our planet face the extraordinary challenge of feeding 9 billion people by the year 2050. As a consequence of climate change, there will be a growing competition in using water and finding fertile land. Further, reliable weather forecasts for food producers are scarcely available in developing countries.
The G4AW Facility supports fourteen public/private partnerships to deliver financially sustainable services. Involved organisations are using satellite data and existing technology and services, empowering the most important actors in the food production chain: farmers, fishermen and pastoralists.
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The Netherlands Water Partnership connects you to the Dutch Water Sector
The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is your one-stop-shop for the Dutch Water Sector. Come to our booth and be inspired by best practices on adaptation in cities worldwide. The Dutch Water Sector presents cases in urban environments in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Mozambique, New York, Columbia and Bangladesh. Learn about the ‘Building Blocks for a Delta Approach’, developed with our worldwide counterparts, and get a sneak preview of the new ‘Resilient Cities’ campaign. Are you looking for expertise, partners, products?  Leave your card and question at our booth and we will make the connection for you. Or go on a speed date with selected cities at the ‘City & Business Match’ on the 11th of May lunchtime around our booth. Your solution might be just what these cities are looking for. Let’s work together!
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One of the conference hosts is the Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation, established by UNEP, WMO and UNESCO. Acknowledging emerging policy strategies, new scientific developments and lessons learned from past programmes, we deliver, in collaboration with our implementing partners, improved coordination of international research on the impacts of and responses to climate change, and provide the credible scientific information that is being increasingly requested by decision makers. In our booth we will be showing recent PROVIA products and future projects.
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website RoyalHaskoningDHV

RoyalHaskoningDHV is an independent, international engineering and project management consultancy with more than 130 years of experience. Backed by the expertise and experience of 7,000 colleagues all over the world, our professionals combine global expertise with local knowledge to deliver a multidisciplinary range of consultancy services for the entire living environment from over 130 countries. 
By showing leadership in sustainable development and innovation, together with our clients, we are working to become part of the solution to a more sustainable society now and into the future.
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Smart Fresh Food Solutions by The Rotterdam Region
In 2030 there’ll be 9 billion mouths to feed, 80% of which will live in cities. How will people be taken care of in these mega-cities? 'Smart' solutions are necessary. A smarter food system is more productive, less wasteful and more profitable. If all the horticultural acreage worldwide was as productive as that of the Netherlands, the world would produce at least three times as much food, using a fraction of the amount of water, energy and pesticides. The Rotterdam Region - where the entire food supply is represented - knows how to apply this technology in all climate conditions. Please visit our booth to explore our smart food solutions.                    

Springer fosters communication among researchers, students and professionals enabling them to work more efficiently, thereby advancing knowledge and learning.  Our dynamic growth allows us to invest continually all over the world.
With more than 200 Nobel Prize winners among the authors of our books and journal articles, it is safe to say that Springer has earned its place among the world’s foremost STM publishers.  As an e-first company our publishing editors  discover the best authors and help to disseminate their research, while our developers deliver the next big thing in scholarly communications.
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Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
Adaptation to climate change is a major focus of SEI’s work: from policy and finance, to vulnerability assessments, to capacity-building. SEI has particularly engaged in the discussion of adaptation finance under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It has also been a leader in developing methods and tools for assessing climate change vulnerability and impacts, for planning adaptation, and for sharing relevant knowledge. Another aspect of SEI’s work addresses community-based and local adaptation, to understand the drivers of adaptive capacity, including how national and global development processes strengthen or weaken adaptive capacity at the local level, and increase or reduce vulnerability to climate risks.
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Sustainable Urban Delta, proven model for future growth
Being a model sustainable urban delta, the Netherlands provides real-world solutions for delta cities today. With proven systems, the Dutch can support to secure the future of low-lying delta regions around the world. The cooperation between the government, private sector and knowledge institutes to tackle challenges related to the urban delta has been pivotal in safeguarding the sustainable development of the Dutch delta. Nowadays, this form of cooperation still provides the stable base for the integral solutions that keep the Dutch sustainable urban delta a prosperous and lively place to live.
The presentation ‘sustainable urban delta, proven model for future growth’ proudly presents 6 outstanding showcases as smart innovations for these global challenges.

Sweco plans and designs the communities and cities of the future. Our work results in sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and access to electricity and clean water. With 14,500 employees in Europe, we offer our customers the right expertise for every situation. We carry out projects in 70 countries annually throughout the world. Sweco is the leading architecture and engineering consultancy in Europe, with sales of approximately SEK 15.2 billion (pro forma 2014). The company is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.
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Trinomics, Energy, Environment & Climate Change
Trinomics is an international consultancy that provides research and advice in the fields of energy, environment and climate change policy. Our experts use economics as an analytical basis and aim to develop sustainable solutions to emerging socio-economic challenges on a local, regional, national and international level together with our clients. Together, we aim to find creative solutions for the transformation to a truly sustainable economy!
Come to our booth to find out more about the research and strategic policy advice we provide in fields such as climate finance, green infrastructure, climate change adaptation, climate extremes and ecosystem services.
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UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education carries out education and training, research and innovation, and capacity development activities in the broad fields of water engineering, water management and governance, aquatic environment, water supply and sanitation. Come and visit our booth to meet our staff and learn more about ongoing project activities at the Institute. In particular UNESCO-IHE is a key partner in both the AfriAlliance and City-to-City networks, both aimed at sharing knowledge and facilitating peer learning, to prepare for future climate change challenges.
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Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW) is an NWO research and innovation programme that aims to contribute to global water safety, water and food security, and sustainable economic development in river deltas worldwide. The programme is funded by NWO-WOTRO and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A wide variety of delta specific issues is addressed, such as planning processes, water supply and reuse strategies, groundwater management, disaster risk reduction and flood proof technologies.  13 Integrated projects cover innovative approaches towards challenges in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mozambique and Ghana.
Learn more about UDW and its first results at our booth.
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The VPdelta programme was set up by the Dutch region of South-West Holland to increase entrepreneurship and innovative solutions for the challenge of remaining safe in delta areas.
Knowledge institutes, companies and governmental organisations collaborate in VPdelta.
VPdelta offers SMEs and startups from the Deltatechnology cluster in the South of Holland, various locations and facilities for testing and showcasing their innovations. VPdelta supports entrepreneurs, researchers and students  in various aspects of their R&D and market introduction of innovative solutions for Urban, Safe or Smart watermanagement. VPdelta facilitates collaboration and progress  on the development and implementation of innovations for the delta of tomorrow.
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Visitors to the booth of WASCAL and SASSCAL will receive spoken, visual and print information about the institutional arrangements of the African Science Service Centres on Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management and on the regional mandates in west and southern Africa to conduct research, to provide services to decision-makers and to develop scientific capacity. The two African Science Service Centres aim to achieve a regionally integrated approach to adapting to and mitigating climate change and its consequences, based on robust scientific data, as politically defined by the needs and demands of stakeholders.
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Wetlands International
Wetlands International is working to conserve and restore vulnerable wetlands as a sustainable solution for mitigating and adapting to climate change. Through the Building with Nature approach we combine engineering with restoration of ecosystems to protect coastlines in Indonesia. As a partner in the Partners for Resilience alliance, Wetlands International combines the sustainable management of wetlands and climate change adaptation to improve livelihoods and increase community resilience to nature disasters. Come to our stand to speak with staff and experts about the work we are doing and pick up a copy of our Wetlands in Urban Deltas brochure.   
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