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Adaptation Expo


The Adaptation Expo will be held in the Exchange, Mercurius and Shipping Hall of the World Trade Centre. Various exhibitors will showcase their adaptation products, practices and solutions and are ready to engage with you.
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Tool Shed

During the conference, the tool shed, a special pavilion on the exposition floor, will
demonstrate adaptation tools. The programme for the tool shed is published in a separate flyer that you will find in your conference bag and in the tool shed itself. Presentations last for between 20 and 30 minutes.
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Project Expo

The Project Expo displays innovative adaptation projects from a diverging range of countries. In selecting the projects, it was recognised that the focus should not only be on success stories: one should also acknowledge components that could be improved, and lessons that can be learned for future similar projects. Most importantly, the
selected projects are considered innovative, inspiring adaptation solutions, which could prove examples for future adaptation approaches.
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Scientific abstracts are at the basis of the poster sessions. All these posters will also be shown at the Expo.