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Information for oral and poster presenters

Check in at the Speaker Service Centre (SSC) at least 1 hour before your session starts to check your slides, copy your presentation onto the network and check the demo of your presentation with the technical staff. Your presentation will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate meeting room. The slides of your presentation will be made available on our website (as pdf).

For technical instructions and requirements for your power point presentation
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The SSC is located in the Captain's Lounge, on the first floor of the conference centre. The opening hours of the SSC are:

Tuesday 10 May 08.30-18.00
Wednesday 11 May 08.00-18.00
Thursday 12 May    08.00-15.30

Please find below information about the maximum length of your presentation and discussion. In the conference programme you will find the session codes.

PL: Plenary
RT: Round Table
SC: Science session
PR: Practice session
SP: Science-Practice session
For the length of the presentations in the Science-Practice, Practice sessions and Round Tables you will get instructions from the organisers of those sessions.

SC: Science session

Oral presesentations

Length presentations 12 minutes 
Discussion  At the end of each session approx 20 minutes discussion with all presenters and audience

Poster presentations

Half of the posters will be on display from Monday evening to Tuesday evening, the other half from Wednesday morning to Thursday afternoon.

Time block 1 Time block 2
Mounting posters  Mounting posters
Monday 9 May, between 17.00-20.00 or
Tuesday 10 May, before 09.00
Tuesday 10 May, after 19.00 or
Wednesday 11 May, before 09.00
Tuesday 10 May, 17.30-19.00
Wednesday 11 May, 17.30-19.00
Tuesday 10 May, after 19.00
Thursday 12 May, before 18.00

For technical instructions and requirements for your poster presentation
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Special poster sessions on: Tuesday 10 May
Wednesday 11 May
Opening hours Poster desk: Monday 9 May
Tuesday 10 May
Wednesday 11 May
Thursday 12 May              

Young scientist best presentation and best poster award
During the plenary closure on Thursday 12 May the 'Young scientist best presentation and best poster award' will be announced. The Scientific Advisory Committee will act as the jury of these awards. This only applies for those who have indicated this possibility in the abstract registration system (maximum age for Young scientist is 30 years).

Please note
The use of photo’s or other material in presentations is restricted to material free of copyrights and material used with the permission of the right holder(s). Your presentation will be uploaded in an online Open Access database via the Wageningen UR library, and right holders may forward claims when this restriction is not adhered to. Should this happen we will hold you responsible for the payment of any fine that comes from this claim. By submitting your presentation to the conference you agree to the above.