Adaptation Futures 2016 is hosted by PROVIA, the European Commission and the Government of the Netherlands. The organisation of the conference consists of the following committees:

Honorary Committee

The members of the Honorary Committee are high level representatives of the three host organisations and the host city.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) was established in order to coordinate the organisation of the conference and to decide about the programme. The three hosts of the conference are represented in the committee. The SC is supported by the Science and the Practice Advisory Committee.

Practice Advisory Committee

The Practice Advisory Committee (PAC) assesses the proposals for practice sessions that will be submitted. Members of the committee also advise the Steering Committee about the practice programme and how to strengthen the relation between science and practice.

Scientific Advisory Committee

To enhance the scientific quality of the conference the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) was formed, consisting of renowned scientists. The members of the committee advise the Steering Committee about the scientific programme and how to strengthen the relation between science and practice.


The abstracts for scientific presentations and proposals for focused science sessions will be assessed by our conveners. We selected the conveners based on their scientific credentials and their experience in working together with practitioners. The conveners will advise the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Steering Committee on the programme for the scientific sessions.

Local Organising Committee

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) is charged with the planning and direction of all programme facets of the conference including selection of the venue. The LOC is responsible for planning and executing all logistical aspects of the Conference and reports to the Steering Committee.