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Grant for fee, travel and lodging 

If your university or your employer is not able to fund your registration, travel and/or lodging, you can apply for a grant for the AF2016 conference. Applications for an AF2016 grant will only be accepted when all four following requirements are met:


You are:

  • From a Low-income, or a Lower-middle-income economy (LIC/LMIC) according to The World Bank listings for LIC or LMIC (see tables)
  • Representing a SME from an EU Member State or Associated Country. In the allocation of grants, priority will be given to startups.


 You give an active contribution to the conference, meaning:

  • Your science abstract has been accepted for a presentation or a poster
  • You are a presenter, chair or facilitator in a science-practice or practice session
  • You have an active role in the business fair or project exhibition

There is no other organisation that can fund your participation


You are able to give references, e.g. from your university professor or from the director of your organisation

The registration to submit your application will open in February 2016. Grant candidates will receive a mail from the Conference secretariat.


  • The World Bank listing for Low-income economies ($1,045 or less):

Afghanistan Gambia, The Niger
Benin Guinea Rwanda
Burkina Faso Guinea-Bisau Sierra Leone
Burundi Haiti Somalia
Cambodia Korea, Dem Rep. South Sudan
Central African Republic Liberia Tanzania
Chad Madagascar Togo
Comoros Malawi Uganda
Congo, Dem. Rep Mali Zimbabwe
Eritrea Mozambique  
Ethiopia Nepal  

  • The World Bank listing for Lower-middle-income economies ($1,046 to $4,125):

Armenia Indonesia Samoa
Bangladesh Kenya São Tomé and Principe
Bhutan Kiribati Senegal
Bolivia Kosovo  Solomon Islands
Cabo Verde Kyrgyz Republic Sri Lanka
Cameroon Lao PDR Sudan
Congo, Rep. Lesotho Swaziland
Côte d'Ivoire Mauritania Syrian Arab Republic
Djibouti Micronesia, Fed. Sts. Tajikistan
Egypt, Arab Rep. Moldova Timor-Leste
El Salvador Morocco Ukraine
Georgia Myanmar Uzbekistan
Ghana Nicaragua Vanuatu
Guatemala Nigeria  Vietnam
Guyana Pakistan  West Bank and Gaza
Honduras Papua New Guinea  Yemen, Rep.
India Philippines Zambia